MOYO - Improved Fetal Health Rate Monitoring for Safer Births

Laerdal Global Health
Organization Location: 
Stavanger, Norway

Laerdal Global Health’s low-cost Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) monitor; MOYO and its training program will help providers measure FHR faster, automatically and more accurate to make timely obstetric responses when detecting fetuses at risk. This will reduce the burden of stillbirths and births asphyxia, estimated to account for 2million perinatal deaths annually. 98-99% of these deaths occur in low and middle-income countries. Expanding the use of MOYO to referring hospitals and dispensaries will help detecting fetuses at risk earlier and improve referrals. Training antenatal care providers and using MOYO at antenatal visits, will improve the antenatal follow-up, build trust with providers and help encourage mothers to deliver in a safe environment. CTG monitoring, the “gold standard” for identifying fetuses at risk, is neither available nor feasible in low resource settings. MOYO gives you a reliable FHR in 2-10sec versus 1-3min using current Wind-up Dopplers or Pinnard, by using nine crystals instead of one. The area to detect good FHR is hereby dramatically increased to 15cm radius, making palpation and aiming for the heart less critical, hence easier to use. To avoid confusing FHR with mothers pulse, innovative dry electrodes can measure both simultaneously. MOYO can be worn by the mother to continuously measure FHR, and will issue an alarm if FHR is abnormal according to guidelines. MOYO is coupled with an innovative training program similar to the successful Helping Babies Breathe course that focuses on; using MOYO and diagnosing FHR, interpreting the findings and providing timely and correct obstetric responses.

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